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The Tontine Memory Foam Mattress is an award-winning medium-firm memory foam mattress with cooling gel infused into the memory foam to keep you feeling cooler and more comfortable than sleeping on a regular memory foam mattress.

Choice Recommended

In December 2018, the Tontine Memory Foam Mattress was classified among the “Recommended” mattresses at the end of a Choice review of Australia’s 32 most popular mattresses. And although Choice themselves don’t classify mattresses based on their construction, the Tontine Memory Foam Mattress was the highest rated memory foam mattress in this test.

The Memory Foam Advantage

Memory foam pillows and mattresses are becoming increasingly popular because of the advantages of using memory foam in bedding. Memory foam has the unique characteristic of moulding to the exact shape of your body and because it is so supportive, it helps to correctly align your neck, spine and hips while at the same time minimising pressure points. This makes it ideal for anyone who needs added support and comfort due to pre-existing neck or back pain which is aggravated by using unsupportive pillows and mattresses.  

Lasting Comfort

Another advantage of memory foam is that it keeps its shape and structure well over an extended period of time, meaning that memory foam pillows and mattresses provide many years of consistent comfort and support. This fact is supported by the Choice findings and lead them to rate the Tontine Memory Foam Mattress very highly for consistent comfort over a simulated eight-year timeframe.

Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam

Some people love the fact that memory foam absorbs and retains body heat well because it keeps them warm and toasty throughout the night. However, there are some people who find memory foam to be rather warm to sleep on for the same reason, so to keep these people feeling cooler and more comfortable, the top two memory foam layers of the Tontine Memory Foam Mattress are infused with cooling gel.

Tontine Sleep Experts

Tontine are sleep experts with over 60 years of experience producing Australia’s most popular bedding, and all our expertise has been distilled into the design of this amazing award-winning mattress.

The Tontine Memory Foam Mattress comes with a risk-free 100 nights trial period, free delivery, free returns and 10-year warranty against faulty materials or workmanship.

Order yours today and see what all the fuss is about.

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