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Choosing the perfect pillow fill for you or a loved one can be frustrating and confusing. Fortunately, Tontine has been providing Australian families with the widest possible range of comfortable, durable and affordable pillows for more than 60 years, and the majority of them are made right here in Australia, so you know they’re good quality. With so many great pillows to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pillow for you or a family member.


Our pillows come in a variety of fills such as: Premium Polyester, Memory Foam, Latex, and Down like.

Once you have decided what fill you would like in your pillow, there is a pillow fill to suit everyone. In the premium polyester range, they come in a variety of firmness such as High & firm, soft and snuggly medium pillow, I’m still growing up-soft & low for the kids, and the luxe junior pillow (soft and low), simply living-everyday pillows, cloud 9 firm and high, I love a stain resistant pillow-medium, high and mighty pillow-firm and high, Luxe Anti-Allergy pillow firm & High. Good night pillow-firm, Good night classic pillow-Medium, just to name a few.

In the Memory foam pillow range, there is: Comfortech-Gel infused memory foam pillow-medium, New in the range – Comfortech-Bamboo derived cover memory foam pillow-medium.

In the Latex pillow range, there is: Comfortech-Talalay latex Pillow-Medium & I need support-pillow Medium & High.

In the down like range there is: Luxe down-like support pillow Firm & High, Luxe down-Like support pillow-medium & Lux down-like support pillow soft and low.


There is a large variety of fills to choose from, suitable for all members of the family, so that they can all enjoy a good night’s sleep in comfort.