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Different types of pillows with different feels/profiles

At Tontine, we stock a range of different types of pillows with a variety of feels and profiles. Feels are the firmness or softness of the pillow while profiles are the depth or height.


What kind of pillow are you after? The soft, low profile or do you prefer firm and medium height. What about a combination of both?


Like over 80% of our products, most of our pillows are made right here in Australia at our factory in Melbourne, Victoria where, at key times of the year, you can purchase your pillows direct from our factory outlet. If you are not in Melbourne, you can always take advantage of directory-factory-outlet prices with our online clearance category, where we feature the latest of our bedding products such as quilts and mattress toppers, and of course, pillows.


Tontine has been providing the highest quality of bedding products to Australian families for well over 60 years. During this time, we have built up our reputation of been the most trusted Bedding brand in the country with our products been stocked at several of the most well-known department stores.


Browse our range of pillows available in different feels and profiles as well as different fill types and styles, we are sure you will find the perfect pillow set for you and your family.