Free Standard Shipping on all orders over $100

Free Standard Shipping on all orders over $100


Corporate and Social Responsibility

Click here to find out about our CSR program.


Personal Details

How can I access or change my account details?

Click here to access your account, don't forget you will need your username and password.


How do I register for My Account?

Click here to register on the Tontine website and start shopping today.


Why do I need an account?

As a member you'll pretty much have the run of the place. You'll not only receive 10% off everything, but you can also:

  • Check out faster when making a purchase
  • Check the status of your orders
  • See any of your past orders
  • Change your account details, including password
  • Store any extra shipping addresses
  • Access our online returns page (to simplify the returns process for online purchases).


What happens if I forget my password?

Click here, and enter your email address we will send you a new one.


Is my personal data safe if I create an account?

Your data is safe with Tontine as we are fully compliant with the Privacy Act in Australia. Your account and personal details, and any order details, are protected. To access your details on our website, you need to enter the correct password. Click here for our full privacy policy.


Are my credit or debit card details saved?

We don't save any of your payment details which means you will have to enter them each time you place an order, but at least you know there's no risk.


What are my payment options?

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or Visa Checkout


Is it safe to enter my payment details online?

We take security seriously. Your payment details are automatically encrypted when you enter them.



I'm not sure if I've successfully completed my order?

When you have successfully completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't receive an email, please call our Customer Service team on 1800 630 034 (between 8.30am and 5.00pm AEST).


Can I find out when a product that is currently out of stock comes back in?

You can call our Customer Service team on 1800 630 034 (between 8.30am and 5.00pm AEST).


How can I find the latest deals and offers?

Our home page will always be updated with the latest and greatest deals. Click here to view.


Promotion Codes

How do I use a promotion code?

You will be prompted to apply the promotion code to your order in the Checkout.


Why won't my promotion code work?

It may have expired, been entered incorrectly or not be valid if your order does not meet the terms and conditions of the promotion.


Can I use more than one promotion code on an order?

Unfortunately only one promotion code can be applied to each order.


I forgot to add a promotion code to my order. Can it still be applied?

Promotion codes can only be applied in the Checkout at time of purchase.


How do I check if a promotion code has been applied to my order?

It will appear in the Checkout and applied to the balance of your order.



What are eVouchers?

eVouchers are a great way to share your love of Tontine with your family and friends and give someone else a good nights sleep. Click here to purchase.


What can I buy with my eVoucher?

Your eVoucher can be used to purchase any product on the Tontine website.


What are the eVoucher terms and conditions?

Tontine eVouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue.


How can I check my eVoucher balance?

To check the amount remaining on your eVoucher, Click here. You will need to login to your account.


Product Reviews

What is an Online review?

We love hearing feedback on our products, because as a valued customer your opinion is important to us. We've provided some guidelines to make sure that your feedback remains helpful to other customers as well. To keep it fair and consistent we only post reviews that are in adherence with these guidelines. So here's an idea of how best to do it:

  • Keep feedback based on the product only and your experience of using the product. E.g. size, fabric, how it makes you feel?
  • Be honest - tell us what you like about the product and what you don't like about the product
  • Keep it clean, get to the point and provide helpful feedback for others
  • We are not about anything offensive, racist, crude, so inappropriate comments won't be posted accordingly.
  • Also to protect your privacy we can't post any personal information, so use of a nickname for the review is the best way to go. Links to other websites and references to other retailers is also potentially misleading to visitors, so we won't post this info either.

But if you want to talk to us about anything concerning prices, promotions, shipping, customer service or details that are personal to your purchase then give us a call on 1800 630 034.

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