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Back Sleeper Pillows

Firmer, thinner pillows providing advanced neck support

Often heralded as the best and healthiest sleeping position, back sleepers enjoy great spinal alignment and are much less likely to wake up sore. But no good night's sleep is complete without the perfect pillow! With so many factors and also personal preference it can be a little bit difficult to decide which one’s right for you. Luckily for you, we’ve curated the best pillows for back sleepers, giving you the ultimate selection of supportive, comfortable pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What firmness of pillow is best for back sleepers?
Medium to firm tends to be the preference for back sleepers, as it provides ample support for the neck and head while also conforming to the natural curvature of your thoracic and cervical spine.

2. Is it healthy to be a back sleeper?
Sleeping on your back is considered one of (if not) the best sleeping position for your
health, with numerous benefits. So no matter whether you soldier or starfish as a back
sleeper you can expect to improve spinal alignment and posture, alleviate muscle aches,
and even reduce tension headaches.

3. How do I become a back sleeper?
For some people sleeping on their back can feel unnatural and exposed, but with a few
handy tricks you can train your body to become a back sleeper. Spreading out limbs,
elevating your head and strategically placing pillows in areas of tension like knees or the
lower back can help avoid any literal or metaphorical pain points.