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Electric Blankets

Safety-first electric blankets for those chilly winter nights

Cold winter evenings are inevitable, but don’t have to be unenjoyable! Avoid freezing on those chilly nights by snuggling up in a bed that’s been preheated with an electric blanket. Our range puts safety first without compromising on exceptional quality, guaranteed to have you loving those cosy, winter nights.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are electric blankets safe to leave on all night?

    While our electric blankets are manufactured to the highest safety standards so it is very unlikely to cause any problems when leaving on all night, it is recommended to turn them off before sleeping.

    They are best used for pre-warming the bed before you get in for maximum comfort and leaving them on for extended periods can cause you to overheat.


  2. Do I need to put a sheet over an electric blanket?

    We recommend placing your electric blanket under a fitted sheet to avoid the direct heat touching your skin.