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Tontine is well known for launching world leading new products with innovative features designed to help Aussie families sleep more comfortably. Below is information and details on some of the best and most recent innovations and product features that sets Tontine part from other bedding companies:

  Tontine Sustainable Polyester   Tontine Ultrafibre Plus

We first started putting the now famous Tontine Date Stamp on Australian made Tontine pillows in 2011. Today, the dates stamp still features proudly on our pillows and provides a useful guide about when to change your pillow. Under normal use, we recommend that you change your pillows every 1-2 years and your quilts every 2-3 years.


We care about the environment and use Sustainable Polyester™ in many of our Australian made pillows. Sustainable Polyester™ is more environmentally friendly than virgin polyester, requiring less energy to produce, reducing greenhouse gases, and helping reduce significant amounts of plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfill.


Many of Tontine’s Australian made pillows are filled with our superior performing Ultrafibre® polyester filling which is comfortable, supportive and long lasting. Ultrafibre® can be treated for both anti-bacterial protection or anti-microbial protection, providing extra hygiene for your family, and assisting with things like asthma and allergies.

Tontine Bioguard   Tontine Farm to Shelf Wool   Tontine Supaloft

Many of Tontine’s Anti Allergy pillows and quilts are treated with Bioguard™, which provides the ultimate in protection against the growth of bacteria, as well as mould and dust mites, which are known triggers of asthma and allergies. Many products featuring Bioguard™ are approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program.


We value authenticity and this is reflected in our products, the way we make them and the material we use in their construction. Tontine Golden Plains Australian wool quilts and pillows, for example, contain 100% Australian wool that can be traced back to the farms from which it comes. In some instances, we buy the total yearly clip from the best farms, such as the Shellal Poll Dorset Stud, located in the heart of western Victoria.


Tontine SupaLoft™ features in some of Tontine's warmest and loftiest quilts, such as the Tontine natural cotton Winter Comfort super warm quilt. Supaloft™ fibres have a unique silky swirl design which gives the quilts they feature in the perfect amount of lasting loft and warmth for a wonderfully luxurious sleep with unrivalled comfort.

Sensitive Choice Logo Tontine Organic Cotton logo Nanotex Fabric Protection logo

The National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program is highly regarded across Australia, and is trusted by mums and dads who suffer from asthma and allergies themselves, or have children in the family who do. To be Sensitive Choice® approved, Tontine pillows and quilts that feature the blue butterfly logo must prove that they are effective at inhibiting the growth of mould and dust mites, which are known common triggers of allergies and asthma.

We know that there is a growing number of Australian parents that want to provide their family with the most natural and sustainable products available, for both their benefit and the benefit of our planet. In response, Tontine produces a range of products featuring materials like organic cotton. Organic cotton is free of harmful chemicals, has a lower carbon footprint and is safer for all workers along the supply chain. As well as being very natural, organic cotton covered pillows and quilts are incredibly soft and comfortable.

Accidents around the house happen and as well as experiencing the odd spill, bedding also has to deal with oils and sweat from our skin, which can leave them soiled, discoloured and smelly. To help your bedding stay fresh and clean for as long as possible, Tontine offer a wide range of pillow and mattress protectors, some of which feature Nanotex™ technology. Nanotex™ treated fabric resists spills and stains for an easier wash and long lasting protection.

HydroCool logo Teflon Fabric Protection logo Ethically sourced feather and down logo

Many of us get hot in our sleep which adversely affects the quality of our rest. To help those people stay cool and comfortable throughout the night, Tontine offers a range of pillows and quilts which feature a range of cooling technologies, such as HydroCool® evaporative moisture management technology. HydroCool® treated fabrics allow pillows and quilts to perform like active wear, transferring perspiration and heat away from the body, leaving you cool, dry and comfortable.

Tontine products treated with Teflon Fabric Protector enjoy dual action protection which repels and releases stains keeping them clean and fresh, while maximising their useful life. Teflon fabric protection features on Tontine products like the Tontine Allergy Plus range of pillows and quilts available in Spotlight stores, that are anti allergy, as well as anti stain bedding. One of the best things about Teflon fabric protection is that it offers maximum stain protection without impacting the weight, look, feel, colour or breathability of the fabrics it is treated with.

Tontine feather and down pillows and quilts all feature ethically sourced feather and down which has been specifically chosen for its quality, colour and cleanliness. To ensure that you can enjoy this luxurious type of bedding with a clear conscience, we go to great lengths to ensure that only ethically sourced feather and down is used to make Tontine pillows and quilts. In some instances, this can involve having our feather and down tested by trusted organisations like IDFL, and/or tracing the feather and down back to the actual farms from which it is sourced, like we do with our Tontine Murray-Darling range.