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*Because mattress topper preferences are subjective, we offer several mattress topper recommendations to choose from.

Mattress Toppers

Bring new life to your tired old mattress with one of our comfy mattress toppers.

Wanting every night to be your best night of sleep doesn't have to be a dream! Experience the difference with mattress toppers that can rejuvenate your tired mattress or add an extra layer of softness to your bed. Investing in a mattress topper is easier on the wallet and puts back the comfort into your existing mattress, saving you from buying a new one. With full-body support to soft and snuggly, as well as anti-allergy and heated toppers, a great night’s sleep is only a mattress topper away!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why should I use a mattress topper?

    Mattress toppers are a good investment for when your mattress starts to show signs of wear and tear. It adds an extra layer that can even out the dips in your mattress, giving you the support and comfort you need. If you’re finding your mattress too soft or firm, you can also use a mattress topper to make it more comfortable to sleep on.


  2. What is the most comfortable mattress topper?

    It all depends on your individual needs! Tontine mattress toppers deliver a level of comfort and support that is superior to other brands. They feature luxurious softness & breathability along with special climate control fibres that help you to stay cool, dry and comfortable throughout the night.


  3. What types of mattress toppers are available?

    Here at Tontine we have a mattress topper for everyone! From heated toppers and anti allergy, as well as full-body support to soft and snuggly, our extensive range is sure to impress!

    If you’re unsure which topper to get, try our Mattress Topper Decision Guide. It goes through each factor in detail, from comfort level to budget, making sure you know how to select the best mattress topper for yourself and your family.