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*Because quilt preferences are subjective, we offer several quilt recommendations to choose from.

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Choose the best quilt for every season

Having been in the bedding business for over six decades, Tontine has become the first choice when purchasing the perfect Aussie quilt or Doona®. Luxurious yet functional, our quilts are perfect for adults and kids alike, no matter the season. Most of our quilts are coated with antimicrobial treatment, making them a great choice for kids or sufferers of allergies or asthma. With a range of snug bed quilts in Australia differing in size, weight, durability, and warmth, you are sure to find one that you'll love.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there a difference between quilts and doonas?

    Quilts and doonas refer to the same thing in Australia. They’re padding inserts that go inside a cover (what we know as quilt, doona, or duvet cover) to keep you warm and comfortable in all seasons.


  2. What types of quilts and doona are available?

    We offer a wide range of quilts and doonas here at Tontine, so there’s something for every sleeper and need. We’ve got quilts for all seasons - summer, winter, autumn, and spring. If you go by quilt weight, choose from light, medium or heavy weight options. Special features are also available - anti-allergy, cooling, stain-resistant quilts and more.


  3. Should I change my quilt every season?

    Each season can be matched up with a suitable quilt material. Winters require thicker material, often labelled high-warmth or given a warmth rating of 3. Summers, on the other hand, call for lightweight quilts that have cooling technology, antibacterial properties, or temperature regulating features.

    If you’re unsure which quilt to get, try our Doona & Quilt Decision Guide. It goes through each factor in detail, making sure you know how to select the best quilt for yourself and your family.