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Side Sleeper Pillows

Supportive, cushioned pillows for optimum side-sleeping comfort

Enjoy sleeping on your side? You and many other people! As the preferred sleeping position of more than 30% of Australians, side sleeping is a popular way to doze off at night but can also make for restless nights and sore necks without the right type of pillow. From standard to king size, Tontine offers an array of side sleeper pillows to accommodate the unique needs of side sleepers. Not sure where to start? Tontine has carefully curated the best pillows for side sleepers right here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the benefits of sleeping on your side?
Considered one of the healthiest sleeping positions, sleeping on your side can improve spinal alignment, reduce risk of heartburn, snoring and back pain, as well as provide relief for back pain. Digestion is also believed to be aided by sleeping on one's side.

2. What materials should side sleepers look for?
As a side sleeper you'll generally need a thicker pillow with plenty of support to ensure your spine is properly aligned and plenty of cushioning to support the head and neck. With this in mind pillows made with materials like foam, down or latexthat will contribute to a great night's sleep as they have plenty of loft but also don’t sink excessively.

3. Where should you put pillows when sleeping on your side?
When sleeping on your side, pillows should be placed at the neck and shoulders, helping to alleviate strain on these muscles. Some people like to have an additional pillow resting between their knees to help avoid unnecessary tension on the hips and knee joints.

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