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Stomach Sleeper Pillows

Thinner pillows to mitigate strain on your neck

The least common of all the sleeping positions, stomach sleepers are sometimes forgotten by pillow manufacturers, with pillows typically designed for side and back sleepers. But not at Tontine! We have a great range of thin and supportive stomach sleeper pillows that help to avoid back pain, neck pain and other related issues. View our curated selection of front sleeper pillows now and enjoy a great night's sleep tomorrow!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Kind Of A Pillow Should A Stomach Sleeper Use?
People who prefer to sleep on their stomach should opt for a thinner, softer pillow, ideally 3 inches or lower. With their lower profiles, front sleeper pillows avoid unnecessary strain on the neck and better align the spine.

2. Where should you put pillows as a stomach sleeper?
Aside from the obvious placement of a pillow between your head and neck, another pillow under the pelvis or hips can help avoid the body sinking too deeply into the mattress and causing strain.

3. What kinds of pillows should stomach sleepers avoid?
Stomach sleepers should steer well clear of any thick or lofty pillows, as this will cause
strain on the neck.