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Tontine's goal is to use only recycled plastics in packaging and products, and eliminate plastics where possible. As an Australian manufacturer, Tontine has a history of reducing environmental impact and becoming more sustainable.

Tontine pioneered using recycled polyester in pillows and quilts, saving around 100 million plastic bottles yearly from landfills and oceans. Where feasible, they eliminate plastic by using reusable calico bags and introducing products made from renewable materials like wool, feathers, and organic cotton.

Recently, Tontine transitioned from PVC to more eco-friendly PEVA plastic bags for quilts. They also added "reuse me" reminders on new quilt bags, encouraging their use for storage and donations. Tontine donates unused bags to charities like St Kilda Mums.

While small steps, these initiatives progress Tontine towards full sustainability and environmental responsibility. Consumers can support by reusing Tontine bags, looking for recycled polyester products, and supporting local manufacturers committed to environmental care.

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