Reusable Tontine Quilt and Pillow Bags
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Reusable Tontine Quilt and Pillow Bags

Tontine’s newest quilt bags feature a reuse reminder as well as now being made from PVC plastic. These are just two of the many initiatives we’ve undertaken recently to help make our business more sustainable and lessen our impact on the environment.

Tontine quiltbags are ideal for use in storing all sorts of household items and keeping them safe, secure and dry until you need them again.

Tontine quilt bags and some Tontine pillow bags also are great to use when donating unwanted clothing and other items to your local charity.

In fact, Tontine often donates unneeded, unused quilt bags by the box load to charities like St Kilda Mums, who use them to distribute all sorts of items that have been donated to them to pass on to families in need.

While we know that initiatives such as these are small steps towards becoming fully stainable, they all add up and we believe that we are well on our way and already doing our bit to help make the world a better place for everyone.

To support us on this journey, please reuse your Tontine quilt and pillow bags wherever possible,  look for Tontine products featuring recycled polyester icons and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) logos at leading retailers across Australia, and at