Tontine Replaces PVC Bags with PEVA Bags
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Tontine Replaces PVC Bags with PEVA Bags

Tontine has a proud history of striving towards reducing our environmental impact and progressing towards a more sustainable business model by manufacturing more environmentally friendly products.

Our long-term goal is to use only recycled plastics in our packaging and products, and eliminate the use of plastics altogether where possible. While this won’t happen overnight, there are things that we already have done and can do to help make the world a better place for everyone.

One of our most recent sustainability initiatives includes transitioning from PVC plastic quilt bags to Chlorine-Free PEVA plastic bags. While this doesn’t help eliminate plastic from our business, it does replace one environmentally harmful plastic with one that is more environmentally friendly.

According to, “PVC is (the) single most environmentally damaging type of plastic. Thanks to everyday consumers demanding change, it’s finally becoming less common.” And ”In those cases where traditional materials cannot be used as a replacement, even chlorine-free plastics are preferable to PVC.”

If it were possible, we’d love nothing more than to eliminate plastic from our products and packaging immediately. As this isn’t a practical option right now, we can continue to make small but significant steps forward, like replacing PVC packaging with chlorine-free PEVA packaging and continue to look for viable options to remove plastic altogether and/or only use recycled plastics and other more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

To support us on our journey, look for specially marked Tontine quilts at all leading retailers as well as right here on 

Also, please reuse Tontine quilt bags wherever possible, they make great bags to store all sorts of household items, or can be filled with clothes you no longer need and given to local charities.