Tontine Eco Fibre™ Sustainable Polyester
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Tontine Eco Fibre™ Sustainable Polyester

Better for our planet, better for us.

Tontine’s Eco Fibre™ Sustainable Polyester is more environmentally friendly than virgin polyester because it requires less energy to produce and helps reduce significant amounts of plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfill or our precious environment.

Polyester Fibres and PET Bottles

Polyester and PET bottles are made using the same base ingredient “polyethylene terephthalate".

Making virgin polyester fibres requires a significant amount of energy to heat “polyethylene terephthalate" to reach the desired consistency of viscose liquid needed to produce polyester fibre. Heating plastic chips from recycled PET bottles to reach the desired viscosity requires only half as much energy.

Energy Use and the Environment

A significant amount of the greenhouse gases entering and warming our planet’s atmosphere each year results from electricity production and industrial production. By using half as much energy to produce polyester fibres, Tontine Eco Fibre™ Sustainable Polyester helps the environment by adding significantly less global warming gasses into our environment.

PET Bottles and Landfill

The production of single use PET bottles for drinking water and soft drinks has skyrocketed in recent decades, and it is estimated that at least 75% of plastic bottles end up in landfills, while the rest end up as rubbish on our streets and in our waterways.

Globally, recycled polyester is being used by more and more companies who are doing what they can to improve their impact on the environment, and when you look at the numbers, the collective improvement is significant. For example, an extra-large T-shirt made from recycled polyester reclaims 14 PET bottles while a sweater reclaims 63 PET bottles. A square foot of carpet reclaims about 14 PET bottles while a sleeping bag reclaims 83 PET bottles. A regular pillow made with Tontine Eco Fibre™ Sustainable Polyester reclaims around 25 PET bottles, and a regular quilt made with Tontine Eco Fibre™ reclaims about 100 PET bottles.

How Everyone, Including You Can Be Part of The Solution

Waste plastics are an ecological disaster for our environment and every day we see evidence of the impact plastics are having on our environment, particularly our oceans.

If more and more people buy products made of recycled PET, then fewer plastic bottles will go into landfills or litter our streets, waterways and oceans.

If you’re shopping for new bedding, look for Tontine products with the Eco Fibre™ Sustainable Polyester logo, and do your bit to help in the fight to reduce waste plastics locally and worldwide.