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Tontine – Australia’s No. 1 Retailer For Pillows, Quilts, & Mattress Toppers, and the home of the famous Doona® brand online.

For more than 60 years, Tontine have consistently provided Australian families with the best pillows, quilts and mattress toppers available. Today, we continue to help people across Australia enjoy the best possible sleep. Our wide range of comfortable bedding accessories, including quilts, doonas and premium pillows online ensures that we have something for everyone.
With Tontine, you’ll know when it’s time to buy pillows online because we’ve added innovative date stamps to our products to make it easier to determine when to throw out the old and bring in the new. If you’re looking for the best pillows in Australia, look no further – we have latex pillows, memory foam pillows and mattress toppers, anti-allergy pillows and quilts, kid’s pillows and kids quilts, European pillows as well as king size pillows, all available to order online or at one of our stockists.
All of our pillows, doonas and quilts are made to the highest quality standards, allowing us to provide you with the comfort and support you deserve for a good night’s sleep. For comfort you can trust, and the best possible night’s sleep, the only choice is Tontine.
Our Pillows come in different feels and profiles, such as soft feel with low and medium profiles or heights and firm feel and high profiles. They also come in different fill types, such as: Premium polyester, Memory foam, Latex, and down-like. There are also various types of our pillows available such as: Anti-Allergy, Stain Resistant, Luxury, European, Kids and Pet pillows for your four legged children.
Doonas and Quilts
Our Doonas and Quilts come in different weights and warmth ratings, such as: Light weight/Low Warmth or medium warmth quilts, Medium weight/Medium or High warmth quilt, and Heavy Weight/Super warmth for extra cosiness. There are different types of seasonal quilts such as: Summer and Winter and there are also different types of quilts/doonas® available such as: Anti-Allergy, Stain resistant and Kids quilts.
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