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How long will it take for my Tontine mattress to arrive?

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

Your Tontine mattress will arrive within 2-3 business days if you live in Melbourne or Perth, 3-4 business days if you live in Sydney or Adelaide, and 4-5 business days if you live in Brisbane from the time you place your order, and delivery is totally free.

You can even choose a delivery date that suits you, and can track your order at any time via our live tracking technology and SMS updates.

Australia Wide
For those outside of these capital cities, delivery is also completely free and delivery times are usually within an extra 1-2 business days from those listed above. For very remote locations, your mattress should be delivered in most cases within 7-10 business days.
Regardless of where you live, delivery is free and your order is fully traceable using our tracking technology and regular SMS updates.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is totally free to the Australian Mainland.
What weights and sizes can Tontine mattresses handle?
Tontine mattresses can comfortably support people weighing up to 200kgs.
What is the Tontine 100 day trial?
Lying on a bed for 30 seconds in the middle of a bedding shop with a desperate mattress salesman hovering over you isn’t the best way to try a mattress.
The best way to try a mattress is in the comfort of your own home where you can sleep on the mattress for a full eight hours or more.
With a Tontine mattress, you get to sleep on your new mattress for up to 100 nights and if you’re not completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund, and we’ll even pick it up for free.
Because it usually takes time for your body to adjust to any new mattress, we have a minimum requirement that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days before initiating a return.
Please note the 100 trial is limited to two per household and can’t be used to exchange for another mattress size.
What type of bed frames can be used with Tontine mattresses?
Tontine mattresses are compatible with most base options including platform, slats and box spring. Tontine mattresses are ideal for children and are also perfect for use in bunk beds.
How long will my mattress take to regain its full shape after unpacking?
Tontine mattresses are specially compressed for ease of shipping. It may take a few days to regain 100% of its full shape but the mattress will regain most of its shape in just a minute or two and can be slept on almost immediately.
Compressing your mattress for transport will not damage the latex or memory foams used in their construction in any way.
What sized sheets fit Tontine mattresses?
Both Tontine mattresses are made to standard Australian bed sizes, so will fit standard Australian sized bed sheets.
Do Tontine mattresses work on adjustable bed frames?
Yes, both Tontine mattresses work well with most adjustable bed frames. Our mattresses are extremely flexible and bend easily. Using Tontine mattresses on an adjustable bed frame won't break your mattress or void your 10 year warranty.
What are the dimensions of Tontine mattresses?
All Tontine mattress sizes are based on traditional Australian mattress sizes.
Single:   91cm (W) *188cm (L) *25cm (H)
Double:  138 cm (W) *188 cm (L) *25cm (H)
Queen:  153 cm (W) *203 cm (L) *25cm (H)
King:  182 cm (W) *203 cm (L) *25cm (H)
Will Tontine mattresses fit my bed base?
Yes. All our sizes are designed to Australian standards.
Does Tontine offer interest free finance?
Yes. Simply select OpenPay or AfterPay during checkout to apply, you will receive an answer within seconds and can purchase straight away. No credit checks or contracts to sign, and all done online instantly during checkout.
Why are Tontine mattresses so much cheaper than mattresses sold in retail stores?
Put simply, by selling direct and only online we’ve cut out the middle man and don’t waste money on fancy showrooms staffed with salespeople on large commissions.
And we pass those savings on to you, allowing you to buy a mattress that would normally cost you thousands of dollars, for hundreds of dollars.
As well as saving you money, we also save you time and offer you the safeguard of a 100 day trial period and a 10 year guarantee you can count on.
What size box does the Tontine Mattress come in?
Mattress Size Box Dimensions and Weight:
Single: 40x40x97cm 18.5kg
Double: 40x40x145cm 26kg
Queen: 42x42x159cm 30.5kg
King: 42x42x189cm 35.5kg
How does the mattress get delivered in a box?
Purpose built machines are used to safely compresses and roll our latex and memory foam mattress so that they fit into specifically sized box that are ideal for transport and can be delivered to your door within days.
Setting up your new mattress is as easy as opening up the box, placing the mattress on your bed and removing the plastic bag that surrounds and protects your mattress. Within minutes, the mattress is ready to sleep on.
Are the mattress covers removable and washable?
Yes. With Tontine mattresses you can easily simply and easily unzip and remove the quilted mattress covers and machine wash them.
Why is memory foam used to make Tontine mattresses?
Memory foam is a man-made material that was designed by NASA to make space travel more comfortable and less impactful on the bodies of astronauts.
Memory foam is ideal for use in mattresses because it moulds to the exact shape of your body, supporting your lower back while taking pressure off the shoulders and hips, for improved circulation and comfort.  
Memory foam mattresses are also better than inner spring mattresses for allergy and asthma sufferers because it doesn’t provide a home for dust and dust mites.
Because of all this, memory foam mattresses can be very expensive too, but again, we’ve managed to keep the prices of our memory mattress way down, with our clever and effective use of different material and density layers in our mattress construction.
To help with heat management, our memory foam is infused with a cooling gel to help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.
What are Tontine mattresses made from?
Tontine mattresses contain three layers specifically designed for maximum comfort and support.
The Tontine Memory Foam Mattress has a gel infused Aircell™ memory foam comfort layer or top, supported by a second layer made of high density, temperature regulating gel infused memory foam and a durable foam base layer.
Tontine mattresses feature removable and machine washable quilted covers for added comfort and extra hygiene.
What does the 10 year warranty cover?
Tontine mattresses are covered by a 10 Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty. Tontine mattresses are built to last, and we proudly stand by the quality of our products
For more information on our product warranty, visit our product warranty page.