Tontine Washable Australian Wool Quilt - Super Warm - Double
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Tontine Washable Australian Wool Quilt - Super Warm - Double

21 reviews
Size: Double

This Australian made Tontine Washable Australian Wool quilt features all-natural premium Australian Wool, which is filled to a heavy weight and super warm rating. This makes it ideal for use during the coldest winter months.

This Australian made Tontine Washable Australian Wool quilt features all-natural premium Australian Wool, which is filled to a heavy weight and super warm rating. This makes it ideal for use during the coldest winter months.


Australian wool quilts have high breathability, which is enhanced in this quilt by the use of a breathable, natural cotton cover. Wool also has superior moisture and odour control, and insulation properties. 

Because wool naturally resists dust mites, wool quilts can help reduce allergies and asthma in sufferers. For added protection, the wool in this quilt has an anti-bacterial treatment which inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria.

This quality Aussie made woollen quilt features:

  • Super Warm Warmth Rating
  • Heavy Weight Rating
  • Natural Cotton Cover for breathability and freshness
  • Wool naturally resists dust mites
  • Added anti bacterial protection
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in Australia

Product Code: T7863.

Quilt Size Guide: 

Double: 180cm x 210cm

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    Geoff M.
    Australia Australia


    All Good and Quick delivery.

    A Tontine Bedding Australia Customer
    Emma B.
    Australia Australia

    Don't rely on Electricity a good wool doona will never fail you!

    Does what it says I also have the all seasons and you can definitely tell the difference. Bought this one for winter as i dont use heating and have windows open for the cold fresh air and it keeps me snuggly cosy and warm allowing me not to have unecessary constrictive clothing or needing multiple layers. It seems very fluffy too - cloud like compared to other wool doonas - reminds me more of a down doona. While its not light in weight compared to other doonas of the same size that actually works in its favour. It doesnt move around compared to lighter doonas but still allows you to toss and turn, keep in the warmth and not feel weighted down or suffocated as some heavy duty or winter bedding can. I double up with the all seasons with another lesser quality older wool doona under the fitted sheet like a mattress topper "princess and the pea style" and its still just as comfortable and a even more dreamy luxurious feeling bed. Being in QLD I only needed the superwarm when my room began getting to 10-15 degrees and lower at night (coldest at dawn) la nina has made autumn much colder as usually i would only need to rug up closer to winter. Winters get to zero here and can dip below freezing so while super warm is great i would have to add another super warm and some wool socks and jumpers after a hot shower for the actual winter nights that are single digits maximum (if i wanted to keep the windows open and limit clothing layers). I love the cold air and winter so my tolerance is a bit higher than most as i run hot while having perpetually cold hands joints and feet so if you dont have another person in your bed keeping you warm or a heat source of some kind you may have to add another winter doona to make sure youll stay warm regardless of the temperature and heaven forbid a power outage or freak cold snap. I personally use wheat bags that you put in the microwave as theyre way safer than hot water bottles or electric blankets! For that extra warmth when needed. While i wind down for bed - in bed - with a hot drink i like to use them to heat up my feet and knees so that the warmth is trapped down in the bedding and have a hot shower beforehand so that when its time to sleep i can remove them and snuggle right in and dont have to wait for my body heat to make it cosy and can feel the warmth in my bones and easily fall asleep in the cold room. Highly recommend this doona. I wont be buying another kind again! Well worth the investment just wait for a good sale and buy them before they sell out you wont regret it. Dries easily flat over the heavy duty clotheshorse undercover unless you have a hillshoist youll struggle to lift it over a line without help so keep that in mind. I usually have it drying for 3 days to be safe and make sure its fully dry. I imagine it would dry extremely quickly in a heated room or outside its usually closer to 24hrs i just use a wool delicates wash and a really good rinse cycle with a bit of white vinegar as a softner less is more with wool! I wouldnt put this in the dryer i dont own one but as a rule wool should never go in a dryer so if you dont have a large space to air dry it even a heay duty clothes horse will do then you may have to get it dry cleaned which would defeat the purpose of washable wool so solve that problem and then buy a doona stat! I have king size and am not the strongest and i am able to lift it dry and wet without too much of a struggle but its not a doona that you can be moving around much comfortably so do keep that in mind if youre the type to make your bed every day or fluff the doona or whatever which i havent felt the need to. If you can try the all seasons first as a starter doona im able to use i even in summer so its worth it and will allow you to get use to wool doonas and like me become addicted to them! The breathability is amazing and my skin is much happier for it too. Sweet Dreams!

    Monalisa S.
    Australia Australia

    Quilts and protectors

    Great product and great quality, the super warm is so cozy especially on those cold nights

    Cherise M.
    Australia Australia

    Lovely quilt

    Very happy with the wool quilt, my daughter is lovely and warm, good quilt, happy with the weight. Thanks

    Peter D.
    Australia Australia

    Not received

    I have not received my item yet so I can not give you feedback