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Common Pillow Questions

Being bedding and sleep experts, Tontine staff are often asked if buying the right pillow can improve the quality of sleep along with advice about how to buy the best pillow.

In this article, we address these common questions.

Can a pillow affect your quality (and quantity) of sleep?

Using a good quality pillow is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a good night’s sleep. And purchasing the right pillow, pillow care, and knowing when it’s time to replace your pillow are the keys to ensuring a consistent quality of sleep over your lifetime.

What are some simple rules on buying the best pillow style for the way I like to sleep?

There are so many types of pillows to choose from, purchasing the right pillow for you can be confusing. Choosing the right pillow often boils down to getting the mix of three things right; the level of comfort you want, the level of support you want, and the quality you want. Get these things right, while factoring in your body size and sleeping preference, and chances are you’ll have a pillow that will pay for itself many times over by providing you with years of quality and restful sleep.

Most people want the most comfortable pillow they can find, which often means the softest. But some pillows can be too soft and not offer the support you need for your head and neck.

To help cater for these varying needs, pillows are often available with different levels of softness and support, which is a combination of the firmness of the pillow and the profile (height) of the pillow.

For example, some pillows will be described as soft and low pillows, while others might be firm and high pillows. The most commonly purchased pillow by far are medium height, medium firm pillows.

For most people who prefer to sleep on their back or side, a medium soft, medium height pillow is perfect. For tummy sleepers, or people with smaller frames and children, a low profile pillow works best. For side sleepers with larger frames, including men, a high profile is much more suitable.

When it comes to quality, the choice of pillows is almost endless. For most people, a polyester filled pillow with a cotton cover is all they really want and need. For others, pillows made from latex or high-tech memory foam helps satisfy their need for more luxury and durability.

For people with neck and back pain, the best choice of pillow is often memory foam pillows with a profile that suits their body shape and sleeping preference. Memory foam pillows mould to the exact contours of your head and neck, providing the ultimate in customised support.