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Bed Accessories

Shop Australia’s largest range of bedding accessories online at Tontine. From high quality mattress toppers and mattress underlays to mattress and pillow protectors, our wide range of bed accessories will help you achieve a good night’s sleep, every night.

The mattress Toppers and pillow protectors and Mattress underlays come in a variety of types such as: Waterproof, Anti- Allergy, stain resistant, and cotton protectors.

Pillow protectors

There are five pillow protectors in the is range: everyday pillow protector, I love Stain Resistant pillow protector, Luxe Anti-Allergy pillow protector, Luxe soft cotton pillow protector, Luxe soft cotton protector set (consisting of a mattress protector and two pillow cases) & Dry sleep waterproof pillow protector.

Mattress Protectors

There is a wide range of Mattress protectors from Tontine, that are made from high quality materials that will keep your mattress fresh for longer.

Our mattress protectors are designed for both support and comfort whilst you have a good night’s sleep. From our waterproof to anti-allergy range you will be able to find the right mattress protector suitable for your family’s needs. Read More