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Sustainable Bedding

Sleep comfortable and embrace sustainability with Tontine Bedding

At Tontine, we understand the importance of sustainability and do our best to champion environmentally friendly practices to reduce our impact on the environment. From this commitment, we’ve designed innovative, high quality pillows and quilts that utilise our recycled Eco Fibre™ Sustainable Polyester giving you Tontine’s signature quality and comfort with a renewed commitment to sustainability. Our Eco Fibre™ Sustainable Polyester is more eco-friendly, requires half as much energy to produce, and significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. By choosing our Sustainable Bedding range, you’ll rest easy with not only the comfort of our products but with the knowledge you’re having a positive impact on the environment with Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified products.


What is recycled polyester made of?

Our recycled polyester uses “polyethylene terephthalate" or PET, the same material that many plastic bottles are made from.

Why is recycled polyester sustainable?

When it comes to manufacturing virgin polyester, a significant amount of greenhouse gases enter our environment from industrial production and the amount of energy required to heat the polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Tontine’s Eco Fibre™ Sustainable Polyester by comparison requires half as much energy to heat the plastic chips from the recycled PET bottles, using significantly less energy and produces far fewer greenhouse gases.

What impact is the recycled polyester having?

Tontine’s work with Sustainable Polyester helps save tonnes of plastic bottles from entering the ocean or landfill. In fact, one regular pillow made with our Eco Fibre™ polyester reclaims around 25 PET bottles, and a regular quilt reclaims about 100 PET bottles. We estimate that in any given twelve months we’ve repurposed approximately 100 million plastic bottles.

What other sustainability initiatives does Tontine do?

There are various sustainability initiatives that Tontine takes part in including:

Tontine also uses locally sourced materials for their products wherever possible, including 100% Australian wool. This not only supports local businesses but helps us reduce the emissions required to transport our raw materials.

Are all of Tontine's products sustainable?

While not all of Tontine’s products use recycled materials, Tontine is dedicated to establishing sustainable actions and processes, developing many initiatives to reduce our environmental impact.